Friday, September 19, 2008

Hard Disk Drive Eraser - No Computer Needed

If you are worried about your privacy and data safety, you probably know about methods of data disposal. If important file was deleted using standard functions of Windows Explorer it can be restored easily. It happens because it was deleted only logically, but physically it is on your data storage media, just with the "deleted" mark.

Therefore, file is hidden, and can be rewritten by a newer file if needed, but it is accessible. If we are talking about disposal of confidential information – usual erasing is not an option. If you want to format your HDD, you will need to connect your HDD to PC and launch it, but what if there are no PCs around or you need it fast? Then this small Drive eRaser can come in handy.

WiebeTech's Drive eRazer is a small blue box that is capable of erasing sensitive data from 2.5- / 3.5-inch IDE, PATA and SATA drives without requiring any PC intervention. As company says, sustained rate of data writing is more than 35MB/s, which means that a 250GB HDD will be fully erased in about 2 hours. In addition, for paranoid persons, there is a model that cleans HDD in two or three passes.

Maybe this gadget will be useful to hackers that need to dispose of discreditable information. Just connect your HDD to this eraser, turn it on and hide – all data will be erased before someone finds it. When it comes to the price, one-pass model will cost you 99.95 dollars, and a two-pass - a 50 more.

Waterproof and Fire-Safe HDD Case for Ultimate Data Safety

If you are working with important information, it is obvious that you want it to remain intact. There are many accidents, which may result data loss; such as electricity cuts, accidental deletion, drive failure or external factors. The latter can be most disastrous, because in first two cases you have a chance to restore information as opposed to situations, when your HDD had gone down in flames or sunk. If you are worried only about that kind of situations, fatal to your information, then this ultra protected HDD case can be a good choice.

SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof case was designed by such geeky persons in mind. Sentry and Maxtor teamed up and created a tank-like safe that can sustain temperatures of up to 1500 F (815 C) for nearly 30 minutes – which is amazing. This HDD safe cames with OneTouch 4 Mini drive, with a plenty of backup/restore software. Drive is fully functional when in case, with an external USB cable that lets you connect it to your PC without removing it from its shell.

It is a pity that this drives are not RAID, so you are not secured from good old drive failures. This ultimate drive protection gadget will cost you 320 dollars for 160 GB version, and 260 for 80 GB. A bit high price, but doesn't the lost information cost higher?

Puppy-Dog Web Camera

How hard it is nowadays to impress someone with your gadgets. However, it is still possible. You don’t need the most sophisticated, last minute, technological devices. If you are the kind of person with a great and unique taste then all your friends will have their eyes on you. I mean on this cute gadget, called the Poppy-dog web camera.

You have not even a clue that this pretty and smart creature will look better on your computer desk than a simple web camera.

First, it is a true soft handsome puppy dressed up in cute clothes. Secondly, it does have a sharp resolution of 640*480 and up to 30fps camera, which allows you to take pictures directly from the webcam built in poppy’s belly button.

USB chameleon

There is a child in every one of us. And how often it helps us pass through difficulties in our sometimes crazy life. Just look at your work place. What you see is a computer, files, accounting books and notes, notes, notes stuck to your desk and monitor. You know... all that annoying stuff. How to distract from all that?

A crazy gadget needs to be popped on your computer desk. It is the USB chameleon.
It starts working once you plug it into a spare computer port. Then watch it!

Its eyeballs can turn in different directions. You move his eyes move, you answer the phone his eyes start rolling around. The most interesting thing is that you may even stay still but if there is a fly around it will stick its tongue out just like a real chameleon in order to catch that passing fly.

Has a perfect size for a desktop 12 * 8 * 6cm. Is available in different colors so you can choose a perfect one just for you. Now you may have a true desktop chameleon friend if you had never had one.

Car Seat Seduction Massager for Feeling of Sprightliness for the Whole Day

How do you feel after just five-hour sleep on the beginning of a hard day? Neither coffee nor morning jog (for what you don't even have enough time) cannot cheer you up and raise your mood and tonus! Is it ruefully? No, it is not in the epoch of high technologies when everything is possible! This gadget, designed especially for ladies will prove it. It is Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager, which will hearten everyone or relax depending on one's desires.

It is very easy to connect this gadget to your car's electric system: just plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car and enjoy! It is also possible to regulate the intensity of the vibration with attached remote. It helps you determine either you want to get vivacity or to relax.

As it is designed especially for women, Car Seat Seduction Massager giving the fountain of pleasure for women differs from big amount of other similar inventions.
Now do not be upset waking up because of an unlucky morning or restless night, just remember about little distraction in your car on your way to work or shopping. Let Car Seat Seduction Massager become one of your habitual morning occupations.

Tar-free Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, you must know that not only nicotine harms your health. Cigarettes contain many harmful tars that can cause lung cancer and many other diseases. Cigarette companies try to decrease tar level in cigarettes, but it is impossible to just throw it away. Tobacco can’t be grown to contain only nicotine, and there is no methods of tobacco refinement that is capable of removing those carcinogenic elements. However while there is no way to grow tobacco without harmful tars, there is a way to produce cigarettes without them. How? Make electronic cigarettes!Golden Dragon, Chinese company, designed a very interesting gadget.

A battery powers the electronic cigarette. Energy produced by battery is enough to heat the nicotine inside and to produce smoke like usual cigarettes do. No harmful tars; only pure nicotine, in small concentrations of course.

It is like nicotine gums, only much more effective. It can be helpful for somebody who wants to give up smoking, or at least make smoking less harmful than it is now. They are expensive (200 dollars), much more expensive than usual cigarettes, but they can be used many times. You just have to recharge the nicotine in it.

Maybe this is not a solution to quit smoking, but at least there will be fewer deaths caused by lung cancer.

Funky lamp - reading light

If you consider yourself a real soccer geek, sleepless nights and headaches about your team’s game score is not enough.

What you need is a real trophy on your desk, right next to your TV set. The funkiest gadget, which can become a trophy, is the so-called - reading light footballer lamp.

It will look so cool, and you may use it for lighting up your room, as it remains a lamp.
When you swivel its head, the pose of this footballer is going to change and the light angle will change, too.

It comes with a halogen bulb of 12v. The power source comes from the adapter that is also included. In addition, it has an in-line switch on and off making the lamp even better and easier to use.

It measures 14cm in width, 24,5cm in height and its diameter is 11cm.

Illuminated showerhead

Illuminated showerhead Wanna relax and have fun while taking a bath? Then this unbelievable gadget is just for you, it’s the illuminated shower head.

This fun product has it’s origin in China, is chrome coated and is environmentally friendly.
There are five different colors of its LED light: green, blue, pink, red and white. You may even get one designed specially for you if you have some specific color requirements. It is very easy to install, just by replacing your own showerhead.

It turns on by itself once the water begins to run through it, this means there are no batteries needed. All you need is to get yourself into the shower, relax and meditate in colors you love.
The showerhead is going to become not only a colorful device, but also a piece of style in your bathroom, where the atmosphere will totally change basing on your color mood.

High sensitivity metal detector

Have you ever wanted to have one of those cool detective movie’s gadgets and security devices?
This gadget is even better. It is a real high sensitivity metal detector. With its help, a penknife can be detected from 6 inches being only on a low 4ma non - working power consumption.

In order not to loose your way to metal stuff while the battery power level runs down, you will hear a warning sound and you will see it lighting meaning that it is time to recharge it. Its working principle is a simple although the gadget itself seems to be sophisticated.

The design is very similar and even better than those you have seen at the airports. The system indicates metal things with a sound alarm or a silent vibration joined by a yellow LED flash when a metal thing is being detected. It is cool for parties, games, any entertaining activity or serious use.

PC remote control – vista media control

Are you a real computer geek? Then your collection needs only one more geek gadget - the PC remote control, plug and play vista media control. It looks like a common TV remote control but is a little smarter.

It allows you to control your Window Vista operating system and its media functions. Now you can plug and use freely without any need for drivers or software.

This function will happen as soon as you install the USB remote control dongle. You will notice that your music files, photos, DVD, video, TV and radio software will run as just as if it were a common TV.

It has a single computer key OFF / Hibernate / Restart and a volume control has an 8meters (25 feet) range. Measures 115*52*7 mm and includes 1 button battery for the power source.

Get one for yourself and make your home place a real entertainment center. Enjoy.

Print images on your CDs with ease

CD and DVD recording is a very useful thing, not always legal of course. We remember the times, when CD recorders were very expensive, trashed blank CDs and recording took a long, long time. Nowadays CD or DVD writers are used by almost everybody- and burning a CD is a common and usual form of data exchange and backup. However, blank CDs are literally blank - they must be marked to know what is recorded on them. Using a CD marker is amateur, no matter how beautiful you write. Solution? Of course there is one gadget that can help you with that.

If you want to beautifully decorate newly written CD or DVD, use printable discs. But what if your printer can’t print on CDs? Then, you’ll probably need this gadget. DiscPainter printer, produced by DYMO, is especially designed for CD and DVD printing.

It is capable to print crisp and vivid images with 600 dpi and 1200 dpi resolution, which takes 1 to 3 minutes to finish. One of the good design moves is transparent window, with help of which you can watch closely how your CD is printed, from beginning to the end. This CD printer is using rotational method of printing, so it is very interesting to watch how your CD gradually becomes a work of art.

This interesting and useful device is sold for 279 dollars. Pretty expensive for a printer that can only print on CDs, while there are many usual printers that can print everything and have this function as well. However... If you like interesting gadgets, or think that every function must be made built into different device, this DiscPainter can be your choice.

Change the Color of your Car With a Push of a Button

When selecting a car to purchase, we always look for our favorite colors. Somebody likes red; somebody likes white or black... Some cars, like Ferrari, have their own recognizable color, I couldn’t imagine a pink or green Ferrari for example. Sometimes picking the right color for your car is not easy. But in nearest future this problem will be solved. How? You’ll be capable of changing color of your car with a single push of a button!

New technology called "paramagnetic" is a true revolution. Car is coated in a special way by iron (Ferrum) oxide while it is not painted yet. After that, it is processed with electricity in a certain way. This creates special crystals at the surface that can change their color.

It woks better when coated on metal because it needs asmall amount of electricity to maintain the needed color. When the ignition is off, the car becomes white as it was at the beginning.

This technology can create almost every color that human’s eye can distinguish, so it a real way to personalize your car’s color.

Changing colors is very fast – it takes about a second. You can change colors depending on your mood, on weather, or even on day of week. Streets will become much brighter and not so monotonous: green Ferraris or Cyan BMWs, pink Mercedeses – there will be no limits to the fantasy of car owners.

Nissan was already interested in this marvelous technology, so we can already expect color-changing automobiles in 2010.

Lighter that needs no gas to run

Every smoker knows that lighters are limited by their gas charge. And when it runs out of gas you must throw your lighter away, or recharge it. If you smoke a lot, you will find it annoying to throw money away on lighters. What about a lighter that doesn't need gas at all?

This conceptual lighter named Kool is not a usual lighter that we use every day. It is flameless, needs no gas to work and is fully electric, using resistance coils to light cigarettes just like the car cigarette lighter. Battery is charged via USB port that is hiding at the bottom. We don't know how much time it'd be to fully charge that battery, but it seems that you will not depend on gas anymore. And the last but not least - it has a USB mass storage function, so this lighter can be a handy USB flash drive if needed.

It is amazing how the usual things can be refurbished with help of new technologies. This gadget is only a concept, but who knows, maybe in a few years this gadget will be widely spread amongst smokers. We only hope that battery in this lighter will be strong enough to last for a couple of days at least, if not it will be nothing but a useless toy.

UV SteriPen Water Purifier

Traveling is fun, but it can also be harmful for your health. In order to drink clean water anywhere in the world you need a water purifier gadget.

Do you remember yourself feeling seek only because you tried the local water, and you wish you had never done that?

The amazing gadget that may save your life is so called the UV SteriPen water purifier. It does truly look as a pen, weights just 225g.

All you have to do is dip its end into your glass of water, then turn it on until the indicator turns green and watch the magical UV light glow bright blue. The steripen will start killing all the possible nasties in a few seconds. The tests showed that the steripen destroys the 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of protozoa.

It may be used against: E.coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, Poliovirus, Rotavirus, Streptococcus faecalis, Klebsiella terrigena, Bacillus subtilis, Coliphage MS2, Cryptosporidum, Giardia and the common yeast which may cause giardia, polio, diarrhea, botulism, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera.

In only 40 and a half seconds in one liter of water it destroys all the nastiness inside it.

Now I cannot imagine my next trip without one in my pocket. And you and your family can drink heavenly clear water.

Love for sports with Wii Soft Sports Kit

Modern children don’t want to go in for sports. They prefer computer games to sports and most of them like to watch it on TV. What is the reason? How can parents change the situation and cultivate love of sport in their children? Such gadget exists and is absolutely available for most people.

Wii Soft Sports Kit is exactly the most convenient gadget for children who don’t like sports because of different injuries; more than that it resembles a computer game so it attracts children’s attention doubly. The set includes: a tennis racket, a bat, a golf club and of course the remote. Everything is made from a soft and safe material. Even if your children quarrel with each other and will take a bat in a fit of temper, you shouldn’t worry about the probable consequences. You will never hear different claims about injures from your dear kids.

If your child or children are very interested in these gadgets and use them for a few hours in succession, don’t tear them away from playing – included cooling fun will keep the gadget from the overheating!

Two 5W Speaker - Cradle System

Let your computer feel your care with the totally new 2 5W speaker cradle system. This gadget is compatible with MP3/ MP4 players, PC, laptop and many other gadgets.

It can be easily connected by a standard line-in jack or by an USB stream if you want to recharge it or to interface the streaming music access.

Their own stereo output is 2*5W. As there are 2 speakers, each has a frequency response of 100hz – 18khz, 500mV – 1.5v sensitivity input and an input impendence – 10k.

It is available in different colors and shapes so you can easy find a black one if your laptop cover is diamond black.

Has a good size that looks perfectly on your desk or in your bag 216*216*51mm.
Includes few accessories: one AC adaptor, 2 audio line-in cables and a USB cable.

"Don’t break the bottle" Gadget

Have you ever thought how a perfect gift should look like? I know, it looks just like a "Don’t break the bottle" gadget. It is that perfect gift itself.

It represents a puzzle box where you can easily fit an exclusive and collectable bottle of wine, a standard homemade wine, herb vinegar or even extra olive oil.

On the first sight, it has a strange design, a wooden asymmetrical construction with a bunch of wooden pieces, a linking cord and an instruction.

Its size may vary from assorted large puzzle pieces 44*10*10cm and small 3*2*2 but its goal remains the same – to keep the bottle safe.

Has only one disadvantage: does not include any of those bottles.

Still is a great gift for wine or vinegar lovers. Plus you won’t have to worry on your way to your friend’s house that there is going to be only a few drops left from a 15 years old whiskey.

Cross MP3 Player

Every time I hear about MP3 I imagine a common MP3 player. You see it in one shape only. This time it is totally different.

This time an MP3 player reincarnates and you will not believe your eyes as it looks as a real cross.

Its gothic style next to its 2GB of internal flash memory and a 2 color LCD Display make a stunned gadget with an easy GUI navigation.

For sure, this fashionable thing will get itself and yourself noticed wherever you take it. Has a high quality built in speaker, a menu in various languages - English, Chinese, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Denmark, Czech, Dutch, Swedish and German. Is there any other language you wish it had?

Has an FM radio for the best stations on 87.0 – 108.0 MHz, a built in mic, seven EQ modes, ID3 tags and a phone book.

Its system comprises 98 SE/ ME/2000/ XP, Mac OS 10X and Linux 2.4.2 support, a mini CD driver and conversion software.

The built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery gives it power and lasts long.
Besides, it also maintains WMA with a bit rate of 8 – 320Kbps and a WAV record format with a signal to noise ratio more than 45dB.

The output for the earphones is 2*5mw (320hms) and the output for speaker is 10mw (320hms).

Enjoy and be different as you have the unique gadget - the Cross MP3 player.

MP3 players come in many shapes and sizes. If you need free online music to test your new gadget, you don't need to buy a new computer. There are plenty of places to find streaming music online even with an old computer.

EzVision - Video Eyewear

Why get headaches thinking what may the future bring us as you can feel the future today?
The EzVision Video Eyewear gadget makes you travel through time to that cyber community future. This futuristic gadget represents new glasses with a weight of only 68g but with some spectacular features.

First to start it you will have to plug it into your iPod video or into a portable video or DVD player if you wish to watch your movie in a breathtaking way, the same effect you may get when looking at a huge cinema screen.

When you put them on the real world disappears for some time, and you get right into the movie. It is a thing you have never done before. It includes retractable headphones that are already built into the arms of specs.

Now you may watch movies in your bed without disturbing your sole mate’s sleep, you may watch it in the back seat of your car and even when traveling by bus, train, or airplane.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours, a volume control, adaptors to connect iPods and DVD players.

Has a resolution of 320*240, a 50 inch virtual screen to watch DVD, TV, videos from the video iPod and even play video games.
Bring cinema to your eyes.

Enormous Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives usually have something special about them. Yeah, why would you carry a box of tools and knives if they all can be with you in one case? You can carry that knife with you in pocket and you'll never be left without tools when you need them. Average Swiss Army Knives have about 6-8 tools, but not in this case.

Victorinox and Wenger, famous manufacturers of multi-tool knives, presented some very special anniversary editions of their popular tools. If you thought that 10 tools will be enough, you are terribly wrong. It features 80 tools, which can perform 110 functions. It is almost like all tools from your house are folded into one big Swiss Army Knife. Sure it is big; I doubt that you'll ever use it when working – usability was not the option when Victorinox and Wenger developed this "monster". I bet it is damn heavy too.

While it can't be easily used, it is a very original gadget, some sort of parody on those multifunctional knives. It can be a great present to people who like tourism or just like multifunctional devices. Also, this is, in some way, a "proof of concept", proof that it is possible to construct Swiss Army Knife with a ton of tools inside. It is possible to make good business on them too, and Victorinox proves it: price for that knife is not so cheap - 792 dollars, and we think its sales are good enough to make manufacturers happy for their "monster knife", however it is more of advertisement move.

Swiss army knives are the epitome of cool gadgets. If you need a screwdriver, a nail file or bottle opener, you can't go wrong with devices of this nature. Some of the newer ones even have cool stuff like memory storage devices on them.

iShoes - motorized roller skates

With development of technologies, appear many ideas how to simplify our locomotion. Some are crazy, some - very pricy. As usual, they are just concepts, only ideas, and are not produced. Chairs, even beds – they all become a vehicle when somebody places engine inside them. And sometimes common and usual roller skates can be the source of inspiration for creative people.

Creator of this engine powered roller skates, iShoes (accessory to iPhone, huh?), probably, was very annoyed to just walk. We don't know his intentions, but his invention looks curious. Imagine a four wheeled roller skates, with a small electric-powered engine built in. They can be easily put on about every shoe, making them more practical than Segway – already existing device for personal transportation.

iShoes can go at speeds up to 24 km per hour (15 miles per hour), one charge of the batteries lasts for 9-11 km (5-7 miles) – distance almost triple shorter than Segway offers. Great advantage of these – small size, which means good portability. You can carry them with you in the bag when you arrive to your destination – a good possibility to prevent theft (Just imagine somebody carrying Segway around…). And while riding iShoes, you are not looking strange – they look just like normal and usual four wheeled roller skates.

So, if you like extreme sports – then these roller skates are not for you. They are completely helpless at ramps and it is very difficult to do tricks with them on foot. But if you prefer calm riding and want to amaze and be original – then this invention of Ilja Kaganovich can be the right choice.

How to make a beer cooler?

Beer, beer and more beer! Most of us like beer. Many don’t imagine life without a glass of beer every day. Beer has entered in our lives long ago. However, the beer needs to be cold to taste good. If we drink beer quietly and evenly it warms up eventually. This gadget that can keep your glass of beer will solve this problem!

A glass of beer with cooler! And this wonderful gadget you can build at home. You need: a glass of beer, glass holder on which all details will be mounted, switch, thermometer, cooler, some wires, 8 accumulators, glue and wires.

If you have found all these simple items you are ready to make a beer cooler of your own!
Mount the cooling element on to the foundation of the glass holder. Then you mount Pelitie elements on to the top.

Wire together all the 8 accumulator batteries. This construction mounts at the bottom of glass holder. The switch mounts with this construction. Attach the thermometer and source of energy. Simple? Of course! Make use of it.

Reading Books on Cybook is Just Like Reading Them From a Paper

Nowadays, usual books are very uncomfortable to carry. They are big, they don’t fit in pockets and they are damn heavy, especially when you must carry many of them. Thanks to the modern technologies, we have plenty of other methods to read. From cell phones to PDAs, electronic books now are getting more and more popular. Huge advantage of electronic books – in the small PDA you can carry almost unlimited amount of them, and all of them are accessible in just few button presses. But we must admit that reading from usual paper is much more comfortable to the eyes, and there are no displays that can replace it. Or... are there?

Cybook Gen3 is a specifically designed electronic reader. Thing that makes it special is new display technology that makes reading from electronic display as comfortable as from usual paper. It is called E-Ink, and it requires no backlight to read. It is bright and can be read comfortably even under direct sunlight (very huge difference from modern LCD, that are almost unreadable in those conditions). So it feels almost as real paper, only with ability to change information on it, and screen resolution of 800*600 will be enough to fit the whole page. Refresh rate is not quite impressive, but it is enough for books or documents.

Also, this device has 2.5 stereo minijack for music listening (device can play mp3 files), 64MB of internal memory, SD slot and USB port. With 2GB SD card, you can carry a whole library in it, and it will be small enough to fit in your pocket. What truly impresses is battery life, which is in a similar to 8000 of turned pages! Price of this new gadget is around 350$.

MMS Receiving Photo Frame

We have seen many types of digital photo frames. Usually they just have LCD on which the selected photo is displayed. What it must do to be special? MP3 and AVI playback just can't amaze nowadays. But manufacturers of this photo frame solved "unoriginality" problem in an interesting way.

Parrot DF7700 looks like a normal photo frame, with a 7 inch display. But it is capable to receive and display photos and images sent by MMS! You must insert SIM card in a special slot, adjust some settings and your frame is ready to receive photos. It is a very original feature that can be used in a variety of ways. You can give it as gift to your loved one, and change the photo on it from distance! If you are far away, then your new photos can be a perfect gift for your family. Imagine their smiles when they'll see pictures changing - a good way to show that you remember and love them.

This digital photo frame also has SD card slot, USB port and light sensor, which controls backlight and adjusts it to make photos on display look beautiful any time.

One disappointing feature of this interesting gadget is price for MMS, in some countries multimedia messages are not so cheap, and MMS are limited to 300 kb. So if you are going to send photos straight from your new N95, you'd have to resize them first.

Porsche Phone - Looks Like a Car

If you are a Porsche fan, but cannot afford those very expensive and exclusive automobiles, then this phone is a chance for you to have a little "Porsche" with you every day.

We all know that China is famous for "funny" replicas of famous brands and trademarks. Nokla phones, PolyStation game consoles, Adibas sneakers and so on. Also, they often manufacture some strange designed things. This phone is good example of "strange" designing.

This cell phone is made to look like a Porsche car, but looks like a cheap toy. We wouldn't even be able guess that this is a Porsche if there wasn't a big Porsche logo on back and "Cayenne" above the display. Does this phone resemble Cayenne? Even if it does, it does so very roughly. Maybe it can be used as a car phone, and then this design can be at place. Of course, if you like to impress your friends, you can do this with this gadget - it doesn't even look like phone when turned face down.

If we will throw apart all design features, there will remain an average cell phone, with 2 Mpx digital camera, TFT display, MP3/MP4 playback and microSD slot - a standard list of options for modern cell phone, nothing special or original. This gadget cost 169$ and is sold only in Hong Kong.

Mobile Phone Projecto

Your carrier level is going to rise up with a cool 2 in one gadget – the GPP2 cell phone - mini projector, a perfect modern device for emergency presentations.

It is a real mobile phone on the outside, but the secret is inside.
Its LCD screen is a touch screen and allows you to use the projector menu and change slides, images, graphics phrases, words and even colors.

The only one disadvantage is its size, which makes it a little bigger and not that convenient for carrying. But! It is perfect for the company use.
Though its main use is for phone calls, you can receive calls only by pushing the bottom buttons.

It gets the power from a rechargeable battery, but in order to enrich the brightness and its luminescence is advisable to use external power input.
A little smart gadget for very smart businessmen.

Tooth brush sterilizer

Did you know that toothbrush that you use is not the cleanest thing in the house? Dust and all other nasty particles that fly around in our homes can be found on the brush too. However you can keep your toothbrush safe with a new tooth brush sterilizer box.

The tooth brush has 3 modes of sterilization that kill the 99% of all possible bacteria. Every time you close the front cover your toothbrush will be attacked with UV light, Ozone and light catalyst. It also has a built in timer which starts sterilization automatically for 3 – 5 min, then turns itself off.

If the power stays on it will sterilize again and again, so your toothbrush will stay clean all day long. It also can get power source from 4 AA type batteries which makes it a perfect kit for family trips.

This gadget is a small 170x130x90 mm blue box with space for 5 toothbrushes or for 4 toothbrushes and 1 razor.

Phone which you can write on

Anytime I need to write something down while talking on phone I can't find any paper or pen. Sticker notes placed by might be a good solution however they always disappear when you need them the most. When in a hurry, somebody is even writing on their hands. But with this gadget, you’ll get no more unneeded tattoos!

What solution you can think of, speaking of method to write down some info when making call? If you think of touchscreen or some kind of electronic paper you are way beyond this simple solution.

The designer of this phone chose the path of simplicity and elegance. "Body" of this phone is made from sheets of paper, and buttons are grouped to the center. So when you need to write something on, you do it right on your phone, and then just take away the top sheet and your phone is clean and white again.

No unneeded parts, no color display, touchscreen and answering machine – just phone. Designed to be simple, it doesn't offer any incredible innovations, just simple solution to the usual problem. And it looks pretty elegant too.

Breathalyzer or the Alcohol Level Tester

Great is the Sunday night party. But greater is the Monday morning when there is a long way to get to your work place. Plus you fail the police breath test on your way to work.

It wouldn’t happen if you have had an alcohol breath tester somewhere at home, and tested yourself before the police friends did. This tester is called the Breathalyzer gadget.

Blow for 5 seconds into the tube to test the breath, and as the result you will get either a visual or an audio warning, depending on the BAC’s levels of danger. Also it has a real 12/24 h clock and a countdown timer added for every eventuality.

Practically this breathalyzer gadget is based on an advanced oxide alcoholic sensor, has a dual LCD screen, 2 batteries AAA type and just measuring 95*35*16mm.

For the caution message, there appears a symbol joined by yellow LED flash-0.2% - 0.5% BAC.For the danger message, there appears a symbol and a beep alert – for over than 0.5% BAC.
Though test’s total accuracy is 0.1 BAC(.1g/1), you still have a 80% for a veritable tester’s answer.

MP3 cassette player

Tired of MP3 or CD players? Missing the old tape music? Don’t. You now can listen to those vintage style cassettes but in an absolutely new MP3 tape format.

This gadget is built into a common cassette case, and allows you to use it either for simple cassettes or the MP3 ones.

Also this gadget has a built in SD card slot which stores your flash memory costs, plus allows you to download different songs on it.

It has a long list of characteristics. Its external memory is max 2GB, the bit rate is 32-256 kbps and the signal to noise ratio is more than 75db. The output for it’s earphones of 3.5mm is 2*10ww. The system is the one compatible with the windows 2000/XP.

The player’s size is a perfect one 63*102*11.5mm and features a built in 450 m AH lithium battery. This cool gadget may be used as a normal player in a car or even as a stand alone cassette player. With its 7 buttons on interface it becomes very easy to use. Also for you convenience, it may be easy recharged with an USB cable.

The Thinnest Display in the World

For your notice! The thinnest display in the world has been presented on 24-26 October on exhibition "FPD International 2007" in Japan. Sharp has announced their hi-tech gadget.

It has a 2.2" inch LCD display. This new gadget will be used in mobile phones with name like "Sharp Mobile Advanced Super View LCD". A strong name corresponds with a strong high quality and design. Seems to be a display with thickness of 0.68 mm will be very popular soon.

People get used to good things very fast so I think that this display will win the market, however depending on its cost.

Contrast of display is 2000:1. The screen became more natural. The angle of view is 176 degrees. For this small display it is a very good characteristic.

The response of time is 8 msec is really good too. In the near future this gadget will be used in different hardware where low consumption of energy and high natural colors are needed. So such electronic gadgets as cell phones, digital photo frames will have this cool thin display.

Ultimate Remote Control for TV maniacs

In a modern house there are always several remote controls. One for TV, one for DVD, etc. Somebody even has more than 10 of different remotes! It is hard to use that huge amount of remotes, picking the one needed from a pile of them. Universal remotes can lighten this process, with the possibility to program functions of several remotes into one. 1-2 universal remote controls are better than 5-6 usual remotes. But what if you want to bind ALL your home electronics into ONE controller? Studio of Artemiy Lebedev has a solution for you.

This huge remote is called "Pultius", and has 102 buttons. Designers wanted to give this gadget a possibility to switch to every TV channel possible. It is designed to switch between 399 different channels, so no matter how huge your favorite channel list is that will be enough. Every button has a different color and number which makes choice of needed button much easier. But the usage of this remote is questionable – with approximately half of a meter length it resembles a club, not a high-tech gadget. It works on a 2 AAA batteries and, fortunately or not, now this remote is only a concept.

Aqua Sound Jacuzzi

Do you really know how to relax the right way? Do you need a big amount of luxury, delight, pleasure, enjoyment after an unlucky day? A fountain of all these amusements can be provided by a special Jacuzzi. Its distinctive feature consists in a cool Aqua Sound Audio System. It's really great.

While relaxing in Jacuzzi you can enjoy your favorite music on your iPod. More than that you don't need any headphones. Audio is brought to you via micro-speakers that are waterproof ones. Floating remote will help you to control this audio system. A CD player and AM/FM radio are available.

Something that is amazing can characterize this gadget. I mean illuminated spurts and dual “Water Color” waterfalls that will raise your spirits and clarify your thoughts. Enjoy life to the full.

Pizza Box for your Laptop

How much pizza do you eat? Or to what extent are you bold in choosing your own style? What about Italian one?

The given gadget is an original laptop Pizza box which represents an easy-to-use case. It has 10 mm protective foam that provides safety to your laptop. More than that Laptop Pizza Box has also a special space for cables and mouse.

Don’t be a boring person; stand out with Italian-style case for your laptop. Add more originality in your style!

Walkstation - Work on your PC while running

Working on a computer is a sitting job, so if you spend every day working, coding or typing - you need some sort of physical exercises to keep your body healthy. But what if you combine these two activities? No, I don’t speak about sports Sims - I am talking about something closer to real sport activity. Steelcase shows us what that combination will look like.

This big gadget, called a Walkstation, combines a usual computer workplace and a treadmill. So when you are typing something or surfing the Web you are not sitting as always, but you can run or simply walk. We don’t know if PC is powered by this treadmill, but imagine if you needed to walk in order to keep your computer powered! Just a wild idea... Gaming would literally become a run to the checkpoint, and if you can’t keep up the pace - game will end.

Burning the dual layer DVD on a 2.4X speed would be equivalent to a non stop marathon, with a good reason to keep running. Sounds masochistic, but curious. Even if our ideas are not right, this piece of furniture can help you to remember about physical activities when working on your computer.

I am not sure about the comfort this gadget brings, but what is certain - is that Walkstaion priced 00 is a good way to combine sports and work, in an unusual way.

Sunglasses for athletes

Everybody knows those cool sunglasses used by spies or secret agents in movies. Not only shielding their eyes from burning sun, they also provide them with all kinds of information that agents need – from X Ray, IR View and Night Vision to mission objectives and communication signals. And the miracle is, that they don’t look bulky like those night vision goggles used in army - they look very stylish and comfortable for everyday use.

Of course that kind of gadgets exists only behind the movie screen, and maybe in top secret military laboratories. But if you are not a secret agent, but a sportsman, then these sunglasses is worth looking for.
These “smart” sunglasses look like normal ones. But they are not as simple as they seem. Built-in tiny LED show stopwatch or pulse data right on your left eye’s field of view. With resolution up to 160 x 120 pixels it can display even GPS directions or distance.

All information is sent via Bluetooth by wirelessly linked watch or GPS receiver. Occupying only 12% of view, it is barely noticeable, and will not disturb you. Up to 12 hours of life without recharging makes these sunglasses useful even on long trips.

Unfortunately, we must wait up to 2009 when these glasses will be available to purchase, estimated price - from 700 to 1000 euros.

Asus Internet Radio

New gadget from Asus will let users tune and listen to the Internet radio. With this gadget you can tune your favorite broadcasts quickly and comfortable. It has a simple connection to the Internet with 10000 broadcast stations worldwide. Its dimensions are compact therefore it can be taken in every journey.

Radio also has a memory on which you can store your favorite broadcasts. Or you can make a personal list of 250 stations and listen to them anywhere in the world.

Combination of retro and modern technology turns out to look pretty good, hope it will work as good. So if you really like modern style but need high-tech gadget this is right for you.

You'll never miss a call with this MP3 player

Every person who uses MP3 player knows that it is very easy to miss a phone call while listening to loud beats in your headphones. Of course every modern mobile phone can be easily used as an audio player, but quality is not always comparable to standalone devices. But now, with Panasonic gadget, you'll not miss a single call!

Panasonic D-snap SV-SD950N audio player is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, which makes it possible to use your device as a hands-free. The only thing you must do is pair it up with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. There are two additional buttons on the player: for accepting and rejecting calls. Of course, Bluetooth is not the only advantage of this gadget.

It is a fully functional MP3 player with support of AD2P (another fine side of Bluetooth, wireless headphones support is a very nice and useful feature), AVRCP, HFP protocols, playable formats include MP3, WAM, SD-Audio(AAC) files, and it also has a SD/SDHC slot.
Small size (91.3x35x12.3mm) and weight (38 gram) makes it comfortable for everyday use. Small size does not mean small price though, price tag of 219$ is a bit high for a flash-based audio player.

This will be a very useful purchase if you often miss phone calls due to loud music. No more missed calls! And no more excuses to "missed" calls either.

Cell Phone Watch with Built in Camera from Hyundai

Hyundai is best known in the world as a cars producer but not as a cell phone producer. However, it is never late to surprise people and make something really cool. W - 100 cell phone watch gadget is one of the first ones in the world that combines all three: cell phone, watch, and a camera.

Camera is not all this watch has built in; Bluetooth, Micro SD cards support, MP3 support are all the features it has. We have seen those ones before but there is one feature that even I didn’t expect to appear in a cell phone watch. It has a touch screen and stylus to control the gadget.

Its 1.3 megapixel camera should make pretty good photos however it all depends on the phone’s quality. You can also upload your MP3 collection on-to Micro SD card and use it as an MP3 player. Cool and very convenient to use gadget will hit the market soon.

This would be a very cool addition to my gadget collection however there is no world on English version or prices yet.

WiFi Detecting T-shirt

It's a pity we can't see those WiFi waves, especially when they are coming from free hot spots. We can only detect them, with help of certain WiFi wave detectors. Some of them were already reviewed on our site; such as Wi-Fi detecting pen. But this one is something special. You'll never need to worry about it because it will always be with you. How? Simple and clever – detector is built into the T-Shirt!

This interesting T-Shirt is not only a piece of cloth, and fancy looking antenna is not only a decoration. It will shine whenever WiFi signal is detected, giving you the opportunity to actually "see" those waves. Green bars around antenna display signal strength and help you find a good place with strong signal. Last but not least – all electronics can be easily detached from this shirt, so you can wash it whenever you want to.

It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are hidden in a special pocket of the T-shirt. However the batteries are not included so you will have to buy them separately.

If you own a portable gaming device, laptop or wrist PDA, this T-Shirt will greatly help you to find a good place to sit and relax, browsing the Internet or playing games on your favorite gadget. And if you don't, it will just be the first blinking T-Shirt in your wardrobe.

The Paperless Paperback

The Paperless Paperback is a technological breakthrough in the world of literature. Winner of Popular Science's Best of What's New award, this device is engineered to store up to 160 electronic books. The books are viewed on a patented screen that is easy on the eyes – it mimics the contrast of black ink on light-gray paper which creates an experience that is remarkably close to reading an actual book. E-Ink technology is also incorporated into the 6" screen which makes it different from a typical backlit LCD. The unit is visible in direct sunlight and can sustain a text display without drawing electricity. Only when you press the buttons to turn the page does it actually draw power, and up to 7,500 pages can be turned on a single charge. With the simple push of a button, the text size will enlarge.

The Paperless Paperback is less than half an inch thick (" L x 5" W x 1/2" D) and only weighs 9 oz. You can hold a whole library in the palm of your hand with this electronic gadget! Digital texts can be uploaded using a memory card, or the device also connects to a computer so you can purchase and download electronic books from an online store that contains over 20,000 titles. A lot of different features are available other than the storing of electronic books; the Paperless Paperback can also can play music, run Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents and display JPEG images. You can easily recharge the batteries using a USB cable, and software is included to help sync the unit up with your computer. Another advantage is the ability to take an entire library overseas, where often English-language books are extremely difficult to find.

Right now, the Paperless Paperback requires Windows® XP, but there are plans to expand to other operating systems in the near future. It is available for immediate shipment and comes with a stylish protective cover. For more speculations and information on how to order the product, you can click here...

Tumi T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Computer Messenger Bag

With the Tumi T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Computer Messenger Bag, you will be using the style of a messenger bag with the functionality and practicality of a briefcase. This bag is constructed and protected with nylon that is both high-performance and wear-resistant. Whether you are using the bag for work, for school, or for pleasure, this computer messenger bag is a great way to travel in style with your laptop. Stay organized and focused through its many features, and be stylish as you sport this messenger bag around.

On the exterior, this bag has both front and back zip pockets, as well as a vented water bottle pocket. Other conveniences on the outside include a top carry handle, speed clip closures and a removable padded shoulder strap.

On the inside, there is a padded computer divider that is designed to fit most laptop sizes. There are also two zip pockets, an organizer panel, two open pockets for other files and whatnot, some accessory pockets, and a key leash.

The bag comes with a two-year warranty and costs less than $200, a reasonable price considering its comfort and overall organizational capacity. For more information on the Tumi T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Computer Messenger Bag, click here...

Thermal Carafe Coffee Marker

It's early in the morning and you need a little extra boost to get going. Shouldn't making delicious, home brewed coffee as easy as possible? The Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker by Hammacher Schlemmer has undergone a meticulous testing process, one which has yielded optimal coffee flavor. Qualified coffee testers have noted how this product produces fresh coffee with a heady aroma. This can be attributed the coffee maker's direct grind-to-brew system that implements an integrated bean mill; this means that you will only be grinding beans for the coffee you are planning to drink. Coffee will taste fresher than ever! Forget Starbucks, you can have your own gourmet coffee from the comfort of your own home (and for way cheaper as well!)

There's a reason why this product is called the "best" Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker. The insulated thermal carafe, made of stainless steel, can retain roughly 88% of the coffee's peak temperature for up to four hours after brewing. Many other similar products on the market can only retain 72%-80%. Unlike traditional hot plate coffee makers, the liquid is not cooked while staying hot, so taste is not compromised. If you are in a rush, don't worry! Ten cups of coffee can be brewed in as little as six minutes, and if you want to pour a cup before the coffee is completely done being brewed, a specially designed "stop and serve" feature will prevent dripping when you pull the carafe away. You can also time the coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance with an LCD screen and six-button control panel.

The unit measures 15" H x 7 3/4" W x 7 1/2" D, so it can fit on any kitchen countertop and is easy to transport if need be. If you’re looking for the best, the Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker is available now, so be sure to purchase yours for fresh, high-quality brewed coffee at your fingertips.

For more information, click here...

Charging Valet

The world of today is a world of stuff. From keys and wallets to cellular phones, pens, spare coins and MP3 players, our pockets and purses always seem to be full. It is not easy to organize and keep track of these items, and we are often misplacing them and wasting valuable time and energy trying to find them. Also, how many times has your conversation been cut short because your phone runs out of batteries? How many times have you been interrupted from listening to your favorite song with silence as your iPod needs to be charged? Well, here’s a new way to power up every one of those accessories that's so essential to making daily life just a bit more comfortable.

With the Charging Valet, you can have a single organizing unit that not only helps keep track of small, personal items but it can also facilitate charging up electronic items. You can buy one for the office and one for home, one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen. Up to three electronic devices can be simultaneously plugged into the Charging Valet's built-in power strip, and specially placed portal holes make it easy to plug the power strip into a wall outlet. This keeps things neat and tidy, effectively eliminating all of the clutter that used to make your desk a disaster.The more organized your personal belongings, the less time you will have to spend worrying about where to find that lost pen or wallet.

The Charging Valet also comes with a front and back drawer, each with a practical storage bin for small items like jewelry or coins. The valet’s trays are lined with fabric to give it a sleek, refined feel, and a distinctive cherry wood finish is pleasant on the eyes.

For more speculations, a picture of the unit, and information on ordering, click here...

SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is serious business. Not only are you putting your life and those on the road's lives at risk, but there are also other penalties. With a DUI you may not be able to get certain jobs, and court and attorney costs are often really expensive. Even if you plan to have a few beers and feel fine to drive, you may not know whether or not you are over the legal state limit or not. With the SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer, your life is a little easier.

Unlike a similar product called the "Disposable Keychain Breathalyzer" that is meant for a single use with only one included detection, this keychain is electronic and can be used over and over again. Also, while other breathalyzers detect and display a single level of alcohol detection, the SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer is capable of analyzing and showing multiple levels of detection to give you a precise measurement of your blood alcohol content level.

If you plan on going out for a few drinks, it is possible to check your BAC level over and over again to make sure you are legally able to drive. Bring it to the bar and make friends by testing others' BAC levels. Because it is small enough to fit on a keychain, you can have it with you at all times! If you are throwing a party, you can confiscate the keys of your guests and only allow retrieval if they are under the legal limit to drive. Think how much liability is involved when you provide guests with alcohol and then allow them to drive home. That little piece of info is just one of the countless opportunities to use the SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer.

The SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer is an extremely affordable way you can own the ability to test your blood alcohol content at any time. Don't wait for the police to pull you over and make you pass a field sobriety test!

For more information on ordering, you can click here...

Indestructable Flexible Keyboard

The Virtually Indestructible Keyboard is, well, a virtually indestructible keyboard. Engineered with silicon, this computer keyboard is resistant to spilled liquids and contact with other materials. Perfect for avid gamers and LAN parties! The keyboard is not only durable, but it is soft and comfortable to use, so comfortable that it can roll up into your pocket! In comparison to other keyboards, this one will save you a significant amount of weight and space. Also, unlike traditional keyboards that make it hard to clean off dirt and oil, the Virtually Indestructible Keyboard can be unplugged and quickly and easily washed with water. Say goodbye to spills and hello to a constantly clean keyboard.

This computer gadget is specially crafted design of this keyboard completely eliminates negative-angle wrist stress, an infamous nuisance that affected those working with manual typewriters a long time ago. For some unlucky folks, this condition can actually turn into carpal tunnel syndrome, requiring medical treatment. Having a keyboard that minimizes aches is important for gamers that play at a computer for hours or people whose jobs revolve around computer work. State of the art technology is coupled with a practical design layout that offers quick and silent reflexive typing that is noticeably more comfortable than traditional hard plastic keyboards. The Virtually Indestructible Keyboard is not only suitable for the nomadic computer gamer but also works well for home and office computers.

Right now the keyboard comes in three different versions; a black 85 key with no number pad, a black 109 key with a number pad, and a transparent glow 109 key with a number pad. All of the units cost a mere $29.99, an incredibly low price for one of the most optimally designed keyboards on the market. This keyboard is the future of computer hardware.

For more detailed specifications, a few pictures and some information on how to order your very own Virtually Indestructible Keyboard, click here...

Desktop Photo Studio

Photography is a great hobby but one that is often overwhelming for a new camera user. With so many styles and technical specifications, it's hard to find your niche as a photographer. The Tabletop Photo Studio is a great way to get started, because it offers a controlled environment for you to take pictures of inanimate objects within the comfort of your home. Explore different light settings and tweak your camera to hone your talents as a photographer.

This set is also very useful if you every plan on selling something small over the Internet like jewelry or electronics. On sites like eBay and Craigslist, higher resolution pictures can help capture the attention of interested buyers and will enhance your chances at selling an item for the highest price possible. That means that your initial investment on the Tabletop Photo Studio will probably recoup itself fairly quickly. Also, insurance documents often require proof of certain items, and having a high-quality photo could certainly facilitate the insurance process. With the clean background and optimal lighting provided by the Tabletop Photo Studio, you can create professional-quality images using a simple camera.

The studio comes with two different backdrops that provide varying levels of contrast based on whether you are photographing light or dark objects. Objects are placed in a small light box with an integrated diffuser screen, and a tripod for your camera is included to ensure clear, distinct photographs. Two high-output lights are also part of the bundle, and they each have adjustable legs. The set can be folded flat for storage and comes with a built-in carrying case with a handle. Weighing only 4.5 lbs. and measuring 16" H x 16" W x 16" D, the Tabletop Photo Studio is highly portable and easy to set up.

For less than 100 dollars, this is a great introductory purchase for the beginning photographer. For more information, click here...

Solar Powered Pool Purifier

The Solar Powered Pool Purifier is a non-toxic pool purifier that floats in the pool, releasing mineral ions into the water instead of chlorine. Chlorine use is minimized by up to 80%, therefore your skin will not get as dry and you won't have to worry about bleached hair and the other annoying effects of prolonged chlorine exposure. The mineral ions are much less harmful to the human body but can effectively combat the growth of algae and other microorganisms. The unit is completely safe and even is recognized by the EPA to produce ionized water that is suitable to drink. You can even swim with the unit without impeding the purification process.

While chlorine loses its cleaning power, mineral ions remain useful for weeks on end. The Solar Powered Pool Purifier runs on solar power and begins working immediately upon placement into the pool. Because the unit runs on solar power, you don't need to worry about charging it or paying for the electricity to run it. Also, there is no shock hazard, because the unit operates on low-powered current only. It typically takes about two weeks for the ions to reach significant enough levels, but this depends on pool volume. For larger pools, you may need to purchase more than one purifier, but one unit can handle pools up to 30,000 gallons. That covers most home pools. If you're not sure how many gallons your pool holds, check the filter: you can usually find the information there.

Maintenance is manageable, since all you have to do is clean the mineral electrode once a week with a standard garden hose. You can even rinse out the unit over a bed of soil, as the mineral ions serve as great fertilizers. Depending on the amount you plan to use the pool, one unit will typically last 1-2 seasons.

Automatic Faucet Adaptor

Not only is it becoming more and more morally justifiable to save energy in and around the home (regardless of whether or not we are responsible for global warming, our Earth has finite resources), but people are also starting to realize that is economically advantageous to not use energy. Many municipalities now charge for water along with other utilities such as electricity. In the developed world, water is constantly at our fingertips, and often times we abuse the privilege of having fresh, potable water by inadvertently wasting it in the shower or washing dished in the kitchen. Luckily, a product has specifically been developed to help conserve water on the sink. The Automatic Faucet Adapter is a great product for the kitchen sink, one that will save you a noticeable amount of water in the long run.

Similar to bathroom units that run only when you stick your hand under the sink, the Automatic Faucet Adaptor implements infrared sensors that detect movements. The unit is adjustable and can attach to any standard faucet. Even when you are using the Automatic Faucet Adaptor, you can still change the temperature by adjusting existing faucets' handles. You can also set the flow of the water and keep it on, because only when movement is detected will the water flow take place. There is also an override On/Off switch that lets you turn the water on or off manually.

Yes, the Automatic Faucet Adaptor conserves water, but there are other advantages as well. For one, you don't have to worry about dirty fingerprints or water marks on the faucet! Secondly, because you aren't touching the faucets' handles, you are minimizing the spread of infectious diseases like the flu or common cold.

Energy Efficient Water-Powered Calculator

In this day and age of "going green" and looking for alternative sources of energy, the makers of the water-powered calculator are on the path of cutting edge technology. Yes, it is true that solar powered calculators use less battery power, but they still require a battery back-up and that battery still needs to be replaced which causes unwanted waste. But with the water-powered calculator there is no waste and you can re-charge it straight from the tap.

It functions just like any pocket calculator, but can be filled with water or any other type of electrolytic liquid. Equipped with a fuel cell, the water inside the calculator creates a chemical reaction with the zinc anode and cathode. This chemical reaction causes an electrical current, and presto, you can solve all those mathematical equations! The water-powered calculator can calculate for up to a month on less than a cup of water.

So whether you need it for school, balancing your checkbook, or figuring out how much to tip your waiter, this water-powered calculator can be taken anywhere without fear of running out of power.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Samsung contemplating SanDisk acquisition

Samsung Electronics is looking into snapping up SanDisk, according to a late-Thursday post on PaidContent.

The South Korean consumer electronics maker confirmed that it is exploring "various opportunities" with SanDisk, but it noted that no decisions have been made, according to PaidContent, which cited an online Korean report.

Samsung reportedly is taking a look at SanDisk as a means to reduce its NAND flash memory costs, given that it pays the chipmaker roughly $354 million in annual licensing fees, according to the report. SanDisk is a strong player in the market for NAND flash memory, which is found in a variety of digital devices, ranging from cameras to music players.


Nokia N95 (8GB, Unlocked)

The good: The Nokia N95 (8GB) features 8GB of internal memory and has a spacious 2.8-inch display and 3G support. The smartphone also includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, and robust multimedia capabilities.

The badThe bad: The 8GB N95 can be sluggish at times, and call quality could have been better. There's no expansion slot, and it's also very expensive.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: Offering ample memory, a larger screen, and 3G support, the 8GB Nokia N95 is sure to please those looking for the ultimate in multimedia/cell phone convergence, but you'll pay for the features, and there are some performance issues.

Specifications: Band / mode: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900; Talk time: Up to 300 min; Combined with: With digital camera / digital player.

Price range: $539.00 - $759.99


DVD ripping goes legit with RealDVD - High Tech Gadgets

RealNetworks will soon let users rip DVDs to their hard drives--legally. The company will be unveiling the RealDVD software at Monday's DEMOfall conference in San Diego, but CNET got an early look at the software. Our hands-on impressions follow:

Operation is simple and straightforward. Once the RealDVD software is installed, just pop a DVD into your PC, and the program will copy the entire disc to your hard disk. Depending on the read speed of your computer's DVD drive, the operation will probably take 15-20 minutes (for dual-layer discs that house 7 to 8.5GB of data). You can copy as many as your hard drive will hold, and the program's browsing screen gives you the cover art and relevant metadata (cover art, stars, directors, plot summaries, ratings).

Whether you're at 37,000 feet or you're accessing the program on a home theater PC hooked up to your TV, you need only click on the movie you want to watch, and it'll start straight away. (We say "movie," but RealDVD works just as well for TV shows on DVD as well.) The files are uncompressed, and include everything on the disc--all the extras, and all of the surround sound and alternate audio tracks. Videos can only be watched in the program's built-in software player, but you can toggle to full-screen viewing, and videos autoresume wherever you last left off.

Savvy PC users will ask, "What's the big deal? I've been ripping DVDs to my PC's hard drive for years." Fair enough, but RealDVD adds some relevant bullet points to the equation. First off, it's legal: That's because the program retains the DVD copy-protection, and even adds a further layer of DRM to the files. (Real is standing on the precedent set by the Kaleidescape's 2007 court victory.) So you shouldn't have to sweat a prison term for copyright violation next time you're toting your laptop through airport security. Secondly, it's transportable: you can rip the discs to an external USB hard drive and watch them on up to 4 other PCs on which you've installed the program. (OK, you can do this and more with underground DVD rippers, but the point is that RealDVD is offering a reasonable degree of viewing flexibility, instead of locking the movies onto just one computer.) And thirdly, the software is easy to install and use--anyone familiar with, say, iTunes should have no problem ripping DVDs with RealDVD.

RealDVD is a completely standalone program--it's not integrated with or related to the company's RealPlayer software or Rhapsody subscription music service. It will cost $40-50 (the software will be available as a download and, later, as a shrinkwrapped offering), but Real will be offering it at an introductory price of $30 for a limited time. Additional licenses (for watching movies ripped to your external hard drive on up to 4 other computers you own) will be $20 a pop. It's Windows only right now, but Real says it's looking into a Mac version as well.

In case you're wondering how RealDVD verifies that you're ripping DVDs that you legally own, the answer is: it doesn't. Effectively, you're on the honor system. Aside from an admonition on the splash screen that reminds you to not rip discs you don't own, there's nothing preventing you from archiving DVDs you borrow or rent.

Is it worth the price? During our quick hands-on shakedown cruise with a beta version of RealDVD, we found that it mostly lived up to Real's billing, but it wasn't without issues. For instance, the software didn't seem to find the cover art for many recent movies. And we noted that it can only import copy-protected DVDs--if you've got a disc that's DRM-free, it assumes it's an illegitimate copy, and refuses to import it. (We assume the first issue is just a reflection of the software's pre-release beta status, but the latter seems to be an intended "feature.") Still, for frequent travelers or those looking to backup or share their movie collection throughout the household, it looks to be a feasible option--and the price is certainly low enough to hit impulse buy territory.

Of course, if Real can extend and expand RealDVD as a standardized platform, things could get a lot more interesting. Imagine RealDVD-certified set-top boxes, game consoles, or TVs, where you could just plug in a USB hard drive that houses the bulk of your movie collection and have instant access. Or RealDVD-compatible portable devices, onto which you could drag and drop movies to watch on the go. Those are the sort of features that could make RealDVD into a must-have product. Of course, if this it catches on, RealDVD might just be the first of a series of legal DVD ripping products to hit the market as well.

What do you think: would you pay for RealDVD, or are you happy to stick with free (albeit legally questionable) DVD-ripping software found on the Internet? If you're intrigued by RealDVD, what other features would you like to see the software offer? Share your reactions below.