Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apple and Sony’s Newest Idea: Viewing Goggles | high tech gadgets

We have covered viewing goggles like the Vuzix iWear and myvu before, and these have yet to catch on to the general populace. Maybe it’s the way they look, because no one wants to walk around looking like Cyclops from the X-men films.

There is a rumor going about that Apple is working to change the portable viewing arena with some fancy goggles that will allow portable viewing of video files. These video files can be taken off of an iPod or other Portable Media Player (PMP).

I have even heard that electronics giant Sony is working in partnership with Apple to perfect the technology of the screen inside the goggles. Of course, I really don’t have any validation of these rumors, other than the source I have listed below. I’m surprised all the other gadget blogs aren’t abuzz about it. Maybe they will be by the time this posts. high tech gadgets

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