Friday, September 19, 2008

Walkstation - Work on your PC while running

Working on a computer is a sitting job, so if you spend every day working, coding or typing - you need some sort of physical exercises to keep your body healthy. But what if you combine these two activities? No, I don’t speak about sports Sims - I am talking about something closer to real sport activity. Steelcase shows us what that combination will look like.

This big gadget, called a Walkstation, combines a usual computer workplace and a treadmill. So when you are typing something or surfing the Web you are not sitting as always, but you can run or simply walk. We don’t know if PC is powered by this treadmill, but imagine if you needed to walk in order to keep your computer powered! Just a wild idea... Gaming would literally become a run to the checkpoint, and if you can’t keep up the pace - game will end.

Burning the dual layer DVD on a 2.4X speed would be equivalent to a non stop marathon, with a good reason to keep running. Sounds masochistic, but curious. Even if our ideas are not right, this piece of furniture can help you to remember about physical activities when working on your computer.

I am not sure about the comfort this gadget brings, but what is certain - is that Walkstaion priced 00 is a good way to combine sports and work, in an unusual way.

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