Friday, September 19, 2008

Mobile Phone Projecto

Your carrier level is going to rise up with a cool 2 in one gadget – the GPP2 cell phone - mini projector, a perfect modern device for emergency presentations.

It is a real mobile phone on the outside, but the secret is inside.
Its LCD screen is a touch screen and allows you to use the projector menu and change slides, images, graphics phrases, words and even colors.

The only one disadvantage is its size, which makes it a little bigger and not that convenient for carrying. But! It is perfect for the company use.
Though its main use is for phone calls, you can receive calls only by pushing the bottom buttons.

It gets the power from a rechargeable battery, but in order to enrich the brightness and its luminescence is advisable to use external power input.
A little smart gadget for very smart businessmen.

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