Friday, September 19, 2008

How to make a beer cooler?

Beer, beer and more beer! Most of us like beer. Many don’t imagine life without a glass of beer every day. Beer has entered in our lives long ago. However, the beer needs to be cold to taste good. If we drink beer quietly and evenly it warms up eventually. This gadget that can keep your glass of beer will solve this problem!

A glass of beer with cooler! And this wonderful gadget you can build at home. You need: a glass of beer, glass holder on which all details will be mounted, switch, thermometer, cooler, some wires, 8 accumulators, glue and wires.

If you have found all these simple items you are ready to make a beer cooler of your own!
Mount the cooling element on to the foundation of the glass holder. Then you mount Pelitie elements on to the top.

Wire together all the 8 accumulator batteries. This construction mounts at the bottom of glass holder. The switch mounts with this construction. Attach the thermometer and source of energy. Simple? Of course! Make use of it.

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