Friday, September 5, 2008

ZvBox: Not the ultimate PC-to-TV box

ZvBox with bundled accessories

As you might guess from this photo, the ZvBox isn't the easiest gadget to set up.

(Credit: ZeeVee)

Awhile back, I wondered aloud when we’d finally see a “Hulu box” that could stream on-demand video from that increasingly popular online video destination directly to your TV. And a couple of weeks ago, we got our hands on the first potential candidate in the form of the ZvBox. The PC accessory converts your computer’s video output and makes it accessible on your home HDTV (multiple TVs, in fact, if your home is cable-ready). It also includes an RF remote with wireless-mouse functionality, so you can navigate your PC screen from afar, and pull up any computer-based media content on the TV screen–including Hulu, iTunes, BitTorrent, or whatever other Web- or PC-based video strikes your fancy.

Unfortunately, we found the ZvBox had too many caveats.


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