Friday, September 19, 2008

Aqua Sound Jacuzzi

Do you really know how to relax the right way? Do you need a big amount of luxury, delight, pleasure, enjoyment after an unlucky day? A fountain of all these amusements can be provided by a special Jacuzzi. Its distinctive feature consists in a cool Aqua Sound Audio System. It's really great.

While relaxing in Jacuzzi you can enjoy your favorite music on your iPod. More than that you don't need any headphones. Audio is brought to you via micro-speakers that are waterproof ones. Floating remote will help you to control this audio system. A CD player and AM/FM radio are available.

Something that is amazing can characterize this gadget. I mean illuminated spurts and dual “Water Color” waterfalls that will raise your spirits and clarify your thoughts. Enjoy life to the full.

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