Friday, September 19, 2008

Reading Books on Cybook is Just Like Reading Them From a Paper

Nowadays, usual books are very uncomfortable to carry. They are big, they don’t fit in pockets and they are damn heavy, especially when you must carry many of them. Thanks to the modern technologies, we have plenty of other methods to read. From cell phones to PDAs, electronic books now are getting more and more popular. Huge advantage of electronic books – in the small PDA you can carry almost unlimited amount of them, and all of them are accessible in just few button presses. But we must admit that reading from usual paper is much more comfortable to the eyes, and there are no displays that can replace it. Or... are there?

Cybook Gen3 is a specifically designed electronic reader. Thing that makes it special is new display technology that makes reading from electronic display as comfortable as from usual paper. It is called E-Ink, and it requires no backlight to read. It is bright and can be read comfortably even under direct sunlight (very huge difference from modern LCD, that are almost unreadable in those conditions). So it feels almost as real paper, only with ability to change information on it, and screen resolution of 800*600 will be enough to fit the whole page. Refresh rate is not quite impressive, but it is enough for books or documents.

Also, this device has 2.5 stereo minijack for music listening (device can play mp3 files), 64MB of internal memory, SD slot and USB port. With 2GB SD card, you can carry a whole library in it, and it will be small enough to fit in your pocket. What truly impresses is battery life, which is in a similar to 8000 of turned pages! Price of this new gadget is around 350$.

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