Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunglasses for athletes

Everybody knows those cool sunglasses used by spies or secret agents in movies. Not only shielding their eyes from burning sun, they also provide them with all kinds of information that agents need – from X Ray, IR View and Night Vision to mission objectives and communication signals. And the miracle is, that they don’t look bulky like those night vision goggles used in army - they look very stylish and comfortable for everyday use.

Of course that kind of gadgets exists only behind the movie screen, and maybe in top secret military laboratories. But if you are not a secret agent, but a sportsman, then these sunglasses is worth looking for.
These “smart” sunglasses look like normal ones. But they are not as simple as they seem. Built-in tiny LED show stopwatch or pulse data right on your left eye’s field of view. With resolution up to 160 x 120 pixels it can display even GPS directions or distance.

All information is sent via Bluetooth by wirelessly linked watch or GPS receiver. Occupying only 12% of view, it is barely noticeable, and will not disturb you. Up to 12 hours of life without recharging makes these sunglasses useful even on long trips.

Unfortunately, we must wait up to 2009 when these glasses will be available to purchase, estimated price - from 700 to 1000 euros.

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