Friday, September 19, 2008

The Thinnest Display in the World

For your notice! The thinnest display in the world has been presented on 24-26 October on exhibition "FPD International 2007" in Japan. Sharp has announced their hi-tech gadget.

It has a 2.2" inch LCD display. This new gadget will be used in mobile phones with name like "Sharp Mobile Advanced Super View LCD". A strong name corresponds with a strong high quality and design. Seems to be a display with thickness of 0.68 mm will be very popular soon.

People get used to good things very fast so I think that this display will win the market, however depending on its cost.

Contrast of display is 2000:1. The screen became more natural. The angle of view is 176 degrees. For this small display it is a very good characteristic.

The response of time is 8 msec is really good too. In the near future this gadget will be used in different hardware where low consumption of energy and high natural colors are needed. So such electronic gadgets as cell phones, digital photo frames will have this cool thin display.

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