Friday, September 19, 2008

MP3 cassette player

Tired of MP3 or CD players? Missing the old tape music? Don’t. You now can listen to those vintage style cassettes but in an absolutely new MP3 tape format.

This gadget is built into a common cassette case, and allows you to use it either for simple cassettes or the MP3 ones.

Also this gadget has a built in SD card slot which stores your flash memory costs, plus allows you to download different songs on it.

It has a long list of characteristics. Its external memory is max 2GB, the bit rate is 32-256 kbps and the signal to noise ratio is more than 75db. The output for it’s earphones of 3.5mm is 2*10ww. The system is the one compatible with the windows 2000/XP.

The player’s size is a perfect one 63*102*11.5mm and features a built in 450 m AH lithium battery. This cool gadget may be used as a normal player in a car or even as a stand alone cassette player. With its 7 buttons on interface it becomes very easy to use. Also for you convenience, it may be easy recharged with an USB cable.

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