Friday, September 19, 2008

Enormous Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives usually have something special about them. Yeah, why would you carry a box of tools and knives if they all can be with you in one case? You can carry that knife with you in pocket and you'll never be left without tools when you need them. Average Swiss Army Knives have about 6-8 tools, but not in this case.

Victorinox and Wenger, famous manufacturers of multi-tool knives, presented some very special anniversary editions of their popular tools. If you thought that 10 tools will be enough, you are terribly wrong. It features 80 tools, which can perform 110 functions. It is almost like all tools from your house are folded into one big Swiss Army Knife. Sure it is big; I doubt that you'll ever use it when working – usability was not the option when Victorinox and Wenger developed this "monster". I bet it is damn heavy too.

While it can't be easily used, it is a very original gadget, some sort of parody on those multifunctional knives. It can be a great present to people who like tourism or just like multifunctional devices. Also, this is, in some way, a "proof of concept", proof that it is possible to construct Swiss Army Knife with a ton of tools inside. It is possible to make good business on them too, and Victorinox proves it: price for that knife is not so cheap - 792 dollars, and we think its sales are good enough to make manufacturers happy for their "monster knife", however it is more of advertisement move.

Swiss army knives are the epitome of cool gadgets. If you need a screwdriver, a nail file or bottle opener, you can't go wrong with devices of this nature. Some of the newer ones even have cool stuff like memory storage devices on them.

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