Friday, September 19, 2008

Funky lamp - reading light

If you consider yourself a real soccer geek, sleepless nights and headaches about your team’s game score is not enough.

What you need is a real trophy on your desk, right next to your TV set. The funkiest gadget, which can become a trophy, is the so-called - reading light footballer lamp.

It will look so cool, and you may use it for lighting up your room, as it remains a lamp.
When you swivel its head, the pose of this footballer is going to change and the light angle will change, too.

It comes with a halogen bulb of 12v. The power source comes from the adapter that is also included. In addition, it has an in-line switch on and off making the lamp even better and easier to use.

It measures 14cm in width, 24,5cm in height and its diameter is 11cm.

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