Friday, September 19, 2008

You'll never miss a call with this MP3 player

Every person who uses MP3 player knows that it is very easy to miss a phone call while listening to loud beats in your headphones. Of course every modern mobile phone can be easily used as an audio player, but quality is not always comparable to standalone devices. But now, with Panasonic gadget, you'll not miss a single call!

Panasonic D-snap SV-SD950N audio player is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, which makes it possible to use your device as a hands-free. The only thing you must do is pair it up with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. There are two additional buttons on the player: for accepting and rejecting calls. Of course, Bluetooth is not the only advantage of this gadget.

It is a fully functional MP3 player with support of AD2P (another fine side of Bluetooth, wireless headphones support is a very nice and useful feature), AVRCP, HFP protocols, playable formats include MP3, WAM, SD-Audio(AAC) files, and it also has a SD/SDHC slot.
Small size (91.3x35x12.3mm) and weight (38 gram) makes it comfortable for everyday use. Small size does not mean small price though, price tag of 219$ is a bit high for a flash-based audio player.

This will be a very useful purchase if you often miss phone calls due to loud music. No more missed calls! And no more excuses to "missed" calls either.

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