Friday, September 19, 2008

Tooth brush sterilizer

Did you know that toothbrush that you use is not the cleanest thing in the house? Dust and all other nasty particles that fly around in our homes can be found on the brush too. However you can keep your toothbrush safe with a new tooth brush sterilizer box.

The tooth brush has 3 modes of sterilization that kill the 99% of all possible bacteria. Every time you close the front cover your toothbrush will be attacked with UV light, Ozone and light catalyst. It also has a built in timer which starts sterilization automatically for 3 – 5 min, then turns itself off.

If the power stays on it will sterilize again and again, so your toothbrush will stay clean all day long. It also can get power source from 4 AA type batteries which makes it a perfect kit for family trips.

This gadget is a small 170x130x90 mm blue box with space for 5 toothbrushes or for 4 toothbrushes and 1 razor.

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