Friday, September 19, 2008

Breathalyzer or the Alcohol Level Tester

Great is the Sunday night party. But greater is the Monday morning when there is a long way to get to your work place. Plus you fail the police breath test on your way to work.

It wouldn’t happen if you have had an alcohol breath tester somewhere at home, and tested yourself before the police friends did. This tester is called the Breathalyzer gadget.

Blow for 5 seconds into the tube to test the breath, and as the result you will get either a visual or an audio warning, depending on the BAC’s levels of danger. Also it has a real 12/24 h clock and a countdown timer added for every eventuality.

Practically this breathalyzer gadget is based on an advanced oxide alcoholic sensor, has a dual LCD screen, 2 batteries AAA type and just measuring 95*35*16mm.

For the caution message, there appears a symbol joined by yellow LED flash-0.2% - 0.5% BAC.For the danger message, there appears a symbol and a beep alert – for over than 0.5% BAC.
Though test’s total accuracy is 0.1 BAC(.1g/1), you still have a 80% for a veritable tester’s answer.

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