Friday, September 19, 2008

Charging Valet

The world of today is a world of stuff. From keys and wallets to cellular phones, pens, spare coins and MP3 players, our pockets and purses always seem to be full. It is not easy to organize and keep track of these items, and we are often misplacing them and wasting valuable time and energy trying to find them. Also, how many times has your conversation been cut short because your phone runs out of batteries? How many times have you been interrupted from listening to your favorite song with silence as your iPod needs to be charged? Well, here’s a new way to power up every one of those accessories that's so essential to making daily life just a bit more comfortable.

With the Charging Valet, you can have a single organizing unit that not only helps keep track of small, personal items but it can also facilitate charging up electronic items. You can buy one for the office and one for home, one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen. Up to three electronic devices can be simultaneously plugged into the Charging Valet's built-in power strip, and specially placed portal holes make it easy to plug the power strip into a wall outlet. This keeps things neat and tidy, effectively eliminating all of the clutter that used to make your desk a disaster.The more organized your personal belongings, the less time you will have to spend worrying about where to find that lost pen or wallet.

The Charging Valet also comes with a front and back drawer, each with a practical storage bin for small items like jewelry or coins. The valet’s trays are lined with fabric to give it a sleek, refined feel, and a distinctive cherry wood finish is pleasant on the eyes.

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