Friday, September 19, 2008

Illuminated showerhead

Illuminated showerhead Wanna relax and have fun while taking a bath? Then this unbelievable gadget is just for you, it’s the illuminated shower head.

This fun product has it’s origin in China, is chrome coated and is environmentally friendly.
There are five different colors of its LED light: green, blue, pink, red and white. You may even get one designed specially for you if you have some specific color requirements. It is very easy to install, just by replacing your own showerhead.

It turns on by itself once the water begins to run through it, this means there are no batteries needed. All you need is to get yourself into the shower, relax and meditate in colors you love.
The showerhead is going to become not only a colorful device, but also a piece of style in your bathroom, where the atmosphere will totally change basing on your color mood.

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