Friday, September 19, 2008

Ultimate Remote Control for TV maniacs

In a modern house there are always several remote controls. One for TV, one for DVD, etc. Somebody even has more than 10 of different remotes! It is hard to use that huge amount of remotes, picking the one needed from a pile of them. Universal remotes can lighten this process, with the possibility to program functions of several remotes into one. 1-2 universal remote controls are better than 5-6 usual remotes. But what if you want to bind ALL your home electronics into ONE controller? Studio of Artemiy Lebedev has a solution for you.

This huge remote is called "Pultius", and has 102 buttons. Designers wanted to give this gadget a possibility to switch to every TV channel possible. It is designed to switch between 399 different channels, so no matter how huge your favorite channel list is that will be enough. Every button has a different color and number which makes choice of needed button much easier. But the usage of this remote is questionable – with approximately half of a meter length it resembles a club, not a high-tech gadget. It works on a 2 AAA batteries and, fortunately or not, now this remote is only a concept.

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