Saturday, September 6, 2008

Canon posts teaser ad for new dSLR--most likely the EOS 5D Mark II - High techno Stuff

Rumors of a successor to the Canon 5D have been circulating for a while and now the digital-imaging blogsphere is churning again--this time with a brooding ad Canon has posted on some of its Web sites featuring the murky outline of mysterious dSLR and the phrase "Destined Evolution." Everybody thinks its the Canon 5D Mark II because it appears to lack a pop-up mount and has some design features that harken to Canon's other high-end EOS dSLRs.

A next-gen 5D--the current model retails for about $2,300 (body only)--has been a long time coming, and advanced amateur shutterbugs (and some professionals) have been waiting not so patiently for the rumored 5D Mark II to arrive--so much so that they barely batted an eye at the just-announced $1,400 EOS 50D. One of the latest and affordable gizmo released by Canon

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