Friday, September 19, 2008

Porsche Phone - Looks Like a Car

If you are a Porsche fan, but cannot afford those very expensive and exclusive automobiles, then this phone is a chance for you to have a little "Porsche" with you every day.

We all know that China is famous for "funny" replicas of famous brands and trademarks. Nokla phones, PolyStation game consoles, Adibas sneakers and so on. Also, they often manufacture some strange designed things. This phone is good example of "strange" designing.

This cell phone is made to look like a Porsche car, but looks like a cheap toy. We wouldn't even be able guess that this is a Porsche if there wasn't a big Porsche logo on back and "Cayenne" above the display. Does this phone resemble Cayenne? Even if it does, it does so very roughly. Maybe it can be used as a car phone, and then this design can be at place. Of course, if you like to impress your friends, you can do this with this gadget - it doesn't even look like phone when turned face down.

If we will throw apart all design features, there will remain an average cell phone, with 2 Mpx digital camera, TFT display, MP3/MP4 playback and microSD slot - a standard list of options for modern cell phone, nothing special or original. This gadget cost 169$ and is sold only in Hong Kong.

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