Friday, September 19, 2008

USB chameleon

There is a child in every one of us. And how often it helps us pass through difficulties in our sometimes crazy life. Just look at your work place. What you see is a computer, files, accounting books and notes, notes, notes stuck to your desk and monitor. You know... all that annoying stuff. How to distract from all that?

A crazy gadget needs to be popped on your computer desk. It is the USB chameleon.
It starts working once you plug it into a spare computer port. Then watch it!

Its eyeballs can turn in different directions. You move his eyes move, you answer the phone his eyes start rolling around. The most interesting thing is that you may even stay still but if there is a fly around it will stick its tongue out just like a real chameleon in order to catch that passing fly.

Has a perfect size for a desktop 12 * 8 * 6cm. Is available in different colors so you can choose a perfect one just for you. Now you may have a true desktop chameleon friend if you had never had one.

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