Friday, September 19, 2008

Hard Disk Drive Eraser - No Computer Needed

If you are worried about your privacy and data safety, you probably know about methods of data disposal. If important file was deleted using standard functions of Windows Explorer it can be restored easily. It happens because it was deleted only logically, but physically it is on your data storage media, just with the "deleted" mark.

Therefore, file is hidden, and can be rewritten by a newer file if needed, but it is accessible. If we are talking about disposal of confidential information – usual erasing is not an option. If you want to format your HDD, you will need to connect your HDD to PC and launch it, but what if there are no PCs around or you need it fast? Then this small Drive eRaser can come in handy.

WiebeTech's Drive eRazer is a small blue box that is capable of erasing sensitive data from 2.5- / 3.5-inch IDE, PATA and SATA drives without requiring any PC intervention. As company says, sustained rate of data writing is more than 35MB/s, which means that a 250GB HDD will be fully erased in about 2 hours. In addition, for paranoid persons, there is a model that cleans HDD in two or three passes.

Maybe this gadget will be useful to hackers that need to dispose of discreditable information. Just connect your HDD to this eraser, turn it on and hide – all data will be erased before someone finds it. When it comes to the price, one-pass model will cost you 99.95 dollars, and a two-pass - a 50 more.

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George said...

Hard disk eraser is very helpful to erase the confidential files and data. Tech gadget of this sort is used to avoid many illegal activities.