Friday, September 19, 2008

Phone which you can write on

Anytime I need to write something down while talking on phone I can't find any paper or pen. Sticker notes placed by might be a good solution however they always disappear when you need them the most. When in a hurry, somebody is even writing on their hands. But with this gadget, you’ll get no more unneeded tattoos!

What solution you can think of, speaking of method to write down some info when making call? If you think of touchscreen or some kind of electronic paper you are way beyond this simple solution.

The designer of this phone chose the path of simplicity and elegance. "Body" of this phone is made from sheets of paper, and buttons are grouped to the center. So when you need to write something on, you do it right on your phone, and then just take away the top sheet and your phone is clean and white again.

No unneeded parts, no color display, touchscreen and answering machine – just phone. Designed to be simple, it doesn't offer any incredible innovations, just simple solution to the usual problem. And it looks pretty elegant too.

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