Friday, September 19, 2008

"Don’t break the bottle" Gadget

Have you ever thought how a perfect gift should look like? I know, it looks just like a "Don’t break the bottle" gadget. It is that perfect gift itself.

It represents a puzzle box where you can easily fit an exclusive and collectable bottle of wine, a standard homemade wine, herb vinegar or even extra olive oil.

On the first sight, it has a strange design, a wooden asymmetrical construction with a bunch of wooden pieces, a linking cord and an instruction.

Its size may vary from assorted large puzzle pieces 44*10*10cm and small 3*2*2 but its goal remains the same – to keep the bottle safe.

Has only one disadvantage: does not include any of those bottles.

Still is a great gift for wine or vinegar lovers. Plus you won’t have to worry on your way to your friend’s house that there is going to be only a few drops left from a 15 years old whiskey.

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