Friday, September 19, 2008

The Paperless Paperback

The Paperless Paperback is a technological breakthrough in the world of literature. Winner of Popular Science's Best of What's New award, this device is engineered to store up to 160 electronic books. The books are viewed on a patented screen that is easy on the eyes – it mimics the contrast of black ink on light-gray paper which creates an experience that is remarkably close to reading an actual book. E-Ink technology is also incorporated into the 6" screen which makes it different from a typical backlit LCD. The unit is visible in direct sunlight and can sustain a text display without drawing electricity. Only when you press the buttons to turn the page does it actually draw power, and up to 7,500 pages can be turned on a single charge. With the simple push of a button, the text size will enlarge.

The Paperless Paperback is less than half an inch thick (" L x 5" W x 1/2" D) and only weighs 9 oz. You can hold a whole library in the palm of your hand with this electronic gadget! Digital texts can be uploaded using a memory card, or the device also connects to a computer so you can purchase and download electronic books from an online store that contains over 20,000 titles. A lot of different features are available other than the storing of electronic books; the Paperless Paperback can also can play music, run Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents and display JPEG images. You can easily recharge the batteries using a USB cable, and software is included to help sync the unit up with your computer. Another advantage is the ability to take an entire library overseas, where often English-language books are extremely difficult to find.

Right now, the Paperless Paperback requires Windows® XP, but there are plans to expand to other operating systems in the near future. It is available for immediate shipment and comes with a stylish protective cover. For more speculations and information on how to order the product, you can click here...

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