Saturday, September 6, 2008

High-tech gadgets

The future of exercise is here, and it's heavy on the techno.

Fitness equipment is catching up with tech-savvy, gadget-loving exercisers who are downloading workouts onto their iPods, wearing heart-rate monitors and logging the miles they've run to continually fine-tune their workouts.

For gym rats, the latest cardio and strength machines will do much of the work for them, allowing users to customize workouts and compile their fitness data on home computers so they can keep a close watch on their progress. For example, someone could plug a USB stick into an elliptical trainer, work out, save the information to the USB and download that into a home computer. From there, a new workout can be designed with specific time and intensity, then downloaded into the elliptical next time, programming the machine to go at that pace. By tracking workouts, exercisers can see whether they're progressing, or need to work harder to achieve their goals.

Some of the machines work directly with iPod Nanos, which can track workouts with the help of a sensor built into a shoe. Easy-to-navigate touch screens are replacing boring, old-school LED readouts. One company introduced a weight machine equipped with an instructive video to demonstrate proper form and speed for various exercises, perfect for those who need strength-training tutorials.

This growing technology in the fitness world may be a boon to exercisers, says Randy Drake, senior vice president of community and corporate development for 24 Hour Fitness.

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