Friday, September 19, 2008

Tar-free Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, you must know that not only nicotine harms your health. Cigarettes contain many harmful tars that can cause lung cancer and many other diseases. Cigarette companies try to decrease tar level in cigarettes, but it is impossible to just throw it away. Tobacco can’t be grown to contain only nicotine, and there is no methods of tobacco refinement that is capable of removing those carcinogenic elements. However while there is no way to grow tobacco without harmful tars, there is a way to produce cigarettes without them. How? Make electronic cigarettes!Golden Dragon, Chinese company, designed a very interesting gadget.

A battery powers the electronic cigarette. Energy produced by battery is enough to heat the nicotine inside and to produce smoke like usual cigarettes do. No harmful tars; only pure nicotine, in small concentrations of course.

It is like nicotine gums, only much more effective. It can be helpful for somebody who wants to give up smoking, or at least make smoking less harmful than it is now. They are expensive (200 dollars), much more expensive than usual cigarettes, but they can be used many times. You just have to recharge the nicotine in it.

Maybe this is not a solution to quit smoking, but at least there will be fewer deaths caused by lung cancer.

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