Thursday, September 4, 2008

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iPod touch applications are unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. The world’s best developers are creating applications to leverage the groundbreaking technology in iPod touch, such as the Multi-Touch interface, the accelerometer, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional audio. It’s all part of the iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch.*
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iPod touch with Ms. Pac Man game screen

eBay auctions move faster
with Multi-Touch.

Tap, flick, and pinch to browse millions of auctions, place bids, and track items you’re watching or selling with the eBay application.

iPod touch with Monkey Balls game screen

Super Monkey Ball rolls
with the accelerometer.

Finally, a mobile game console that responds to your movements. Now iPod touch gives you tap-and-tilt games like Super Monkey Ball.

iPod touch with Twitterrific screen

Twitterrific goes with you on Wi-Fi.

Do all your social networking on the go with applications such as Twitterrific. See what your friends are up to and send updates over Wi-Fi.

There’s something for everyone.

No matter what you’re interested in — gaming, chatting, social networking, traveling, news, sports, finance, or business — there are bound to be iPod touch applications made especially for it. And since developers are always creating new applications, there’ll always be more for you to discover. And more that your iPod touch can do.

App Store screen on an iPod touch and iTunes

Browse and buy at the App Store.

Downloading applications to iPod touch is easy. Just tap the App Store icon, browse whatever categories you’re interested in, then download your purchases wirelessly. Some are even free. And once you own an application, the App Store automatically notifies you when there’s an update. You can even shop the App Store on your computer, then sync applications to your iPod touch using iTunes. Browse the App Store in iTunes

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