Thursday, September 4, 2008

NEW LG LCD TV range introduces bluetooth | high tech gadgets


I’ve just spent an interesting few hours crawling over a couple of new TVs that LG will be launching in the UK this Autumn. There are model numbers and specifications galore - way too many for me to sensibly list here, so I’ll try to distill it into something more digestable…

The star of the evening was the successor to the award winning "Scarlet" that’s currently on sale. At 45mm wide, the new model is known, appropriately enough, as the "Slimline Scarlet" and can make the claim of "World’s slimmest LCD TV with integrated tuner". (as opposed to the Sony ZX1 announced earlier today, which is thinner but has a separate media box). Shops should be getting stock of this any day now so keep an eye out for it. Keeping the sleek piano black finish and red back that gave the original model it’s name, the new one is slimmer (obviously) and delivers a very convincing 1080p image. It also has a USB port for displaying photos from a connected device, a nice touch. high tech gadgets

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