Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nokia N79 | high tech gadgets

We’ve taken a look at the Nokia N96 and the Nokia N85 yesterday, so let us shift our focus over to the Nokia N79 today. This will be the latest addition to the vaunted N Series range of cell phones that aims to bring together a perfect blend of intelligent, customizable design with the functionality of a multimedia computer. According to Juha Kokkonen, Director, Nokia N Series, “The Nokia N79 packs cutting-edge technology into a compact design - a characteristic of the iconic Nseries - that allows people to discover, create and share their passions with others. It has been designed for those who want a device that is as appealing as it is powerful and comes with interchangeable covers that have automatically matching screen themes. This balance of performance and style means that it is a powerful and defining step forward from the popular and very successful Nokia N72 and Nokia N73.” high tech gadgets

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