Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sony S-AIRPLAY wireless audio system | high tech gadgets

Sony wants to take the wireless route with its latest wireless audio system known as the S-AIRPLAY. Don’t you just hate it whenever there are tangled messes of wires to contend with? Those pesky wires always get in the way whenever you try to vacuum or sweep the floor, not to mention risking tripping over them by accident at night while holding a glass of milk in your hand. With the Sony S-AIRPLAY, you can live a wire-free life, as this wireless, multi-room audio system makes it a snap to listen to your iPod in a different room without having to suffer complicated setup requirements. Wireless audio is transmitted via the S-AIRPLAY’s main docking station in one room to other rooms in the home, as long as they remain within a 160 foot range. All you need to do to listen to audio in another room is plug in a separate S-AIRPLAY wireless speaker into a power outlet and you’re good to go. high tech gadgets

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